Maintained by Tod Studio

Subscription Support

Maintenance is very important and integral part of each activity. Sometimes because of delays or because it did not support your place of professionals, your company may suffer losses or lost profits. For example, if the information on your web site is not updated or inconsistencies, your customers can acquire the wrong conclusions, and from there to come and loss of benefits for your business. A good business manager knows what that means.

Tod studio offers and support in the following areas:

  • Web sites - maintenance of content (texts, pictures);
  • marketing campaigns, web advertising campaigns;
  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO;
  • online stores / catalogs - here is of particular significance to maintain accurate and timely information. And what better than this, your information is maintained by professionals at a far lower cost;
  • computer networks, internet sharing;
  • maintenance of antivirus systems and removal of viruses;
  • computer - desktop and server support - these include: mail, print and other types of software support.

Further developments

The moment you feel you need to upgrade and further development of software, Tod studio can analyze and make the necessary development.

This may consist in:

  • adding additional modules to your web site;
  • enhance its functionality or new pages;
  • Redesign your web site, changing its appearance;
  • developments, related to business software.


Already mentioned the importance of consultation at each stage of development and change in your services. This will only added that this is an integral part of any maintenance.

Then, Tod studio will give you professional advice and solutions for you and your business before proceeding to their realization.

Antivirus systems

Antivirus systems can be many different variations and from various producers, but in any event, their maintenance should be performed by computer specialists. You can lose data if they act on their own without knowing exactly what is happening, or to lose important system files that do lead to more problems themselves.

When the issue comes down to serious business, you need to think more seriously. What happens if your computers stop working for long time due to viruses?

This is an issue with many nuances, depending on the extent of contamination and the importance of your data. Why lose days from work and from there to increase its losses. Serious virus protection implies a daily and sometimes hourly basis an update / refresh the virus definitions. However, new and more dangerous viruses emerge regularly. Some of them must be cleaned in a specific way, because antivirus software alone can not clear them completely. That is what Tod studio has to offer ready solutions and implement them in your business. And along with that have a constant support and relaxation for your work.

Servers and desktop systems

As mentioned earlier, the server systems are used for various purposes: email, print, systems antivirus, backup, business software.

And servers and desktop computers have the necessary support needed. In the process of working can create a variety of situations in which the user can not cope with them, and even to increase and deepen the problem.

Tod studio offers support in various kinds are grouped into the following two general groups:

  • Installation and management support services offered to a server;
  • Installation and maintenance of desktop computers and their software.